Seriegården, Lummelunda




In english

W e l c o m e   t o  S e r i e g a r d e n  !

Seriegarden is the biggest collection of sculptured cartoons and fairy-tale figures in Europe.


Since 1959 close to 300 sculptures has been made at Seriegarden.


The skulptures are formed by hand and made of concrete, and in a natural size. The cartoons are placed in a big park with many exotic and special plants.


The park is very unique and there is nothing like it.


Seriegarden started as a hobbie 60 years ago.

Seriegarden was founded 1959 by Knut Karlsson and he run the park to 1980 when his son Bjorn Karlsson took over.


Pay a visit to Seriegarden, a very appreciated attraction for all ages!


Kiosk and a café




Adults: 80 Sek


Children: (3-15 year) 60 Sek


Location: Lummelunda 15 km north of Visby


road 149.


Bus 61 from Visby. Bus stop Seriegården


Phone: +46 498 27 32 32 .

Mobile phone: + 46 733 123 238

The funiest attraction on Gotland since 60 years !